Punished by Dahlia Kent


Series: Melbrooke Menace - Book #1

I fled my stifling home town for Melbrooke City, pursuing a hazy dream of making something of myself. A year later, I’m same old Jenna, working a dead-end job at a diner. Despite it all, I have hope good things are on the horizon for me.

Until I’m arrested for a crime I didn’t commit.

Locked up in a gloomy room in a precinct, I’m desperate for an escape from this living nightmare. 

Then Cole Foster enters my life with a promise to save me. While Cole is handsome, and the way he looks at me sets my blood on fire, there’s something dangerous simmering in his dark gaze.

He says I've done something wrong.

He says I've been bad.

He says he can make me a good girl again...

But I have to be punished.

Punished is a tasty shot of steamy dark romance at 15,000+ words. It was previously called 'Deception'.

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